How does it work?

With the smart milon machines you will see results in one month!

How to be fit and train only 35 minutes 6 times per week and do not pay extra to the trainer…

In the traditional fitness clubs clients who want to lose weight or maintain weight, improve endurance and keep themselves healthy usually visit fitness clubs 2-3 times per week, where they work out from 1 to 1.5 hours. Unfortunately very few people can work out like this long term!

We have a solution – milon circle.

  • easy, safe, effective
  • 6 times per month (2 times in 10 days)
  • 35 minutes per training session
  • 15 times more effective.

Sounds like a joke? But everything is based o facts.

In fact, milon circle is the solution that is able resolve all problems of fitness centres and their customers. milon circle helps clients to achieve their results faster.

The clubs that work with Milon Circle agree that this solution is not only for clients, but also for employees and administration.

Features of milon circle:

  • difference between concentric and eccentric loads
  • load is created by an electric motor
  • speed indicator on the display
  • machines control all your movements and show it on display
  • load increase with just 1 kg step
  • the number of repetitions is showed on the display and saved on the smart card.
  • muscle fatigue is achieved faster than the one from regular workouts : from 10 to 20 minutes, saving time for an hour of exercise.
  • all settings, including the position of the seat, the angle and amplitude of movement, load, etc., are stored on a chip card.
  • best biomechanics, less stress on joints.
  • heart rate monitoring not only at cardio, but also at strength machines.
  • no need to wait until the machine is free, no queues – fast and effective training.
  • no need to adjust the settings manually machine, no need to have a printed  training plan
  • maximum safety with the possibility to limit the amplitude of movement
  • easy to use and easy to learn

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